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Stock checks or blank checks are available in four different pantographs and seven colors. Blank Laser checks enable you to print different accounts without purchasing multiple imprinted check stock. Stock Laser checks come with the check on top, middle, bottom or three checks per page.

Our line of Z-fold Pressure Seal checks eliminate the need for  expensive envelopes and speeds the entire mailing process.  StockChecks line of Z-fold Checks use the best Co-adhesive  in the industry, designed for secure closure, protection and privacy.

Double window envelopes eliminate the need for custom imprinted envelopes and also speed the mailing process.

Our CMS-1500 medical health insurance claim forms are available in one part laser, and one or two part continuos. We also offer the imprinted right window claims envelopes designed specifically for your CMS1500 forms.

Pressure Seal Equipment, with our Z-fold checks will speed your entire mailing process.

Our line of Business Voucher imprinted checks, are for those customer who still need a check with their account and banking info printed on them.

NEED SAMPLES?  Please e-mail info@stockchecks.com for free samples.